Quality Tuition by PhDs
Quality Tuition by PhDs
Quality Tuition by School Teachers & PhDs GCSE, A-Level, University Maths, Science, English etc.
Quality Tuition by School Teachers & PhDsGCSE, A-Level, UniversityMaths, Science, English etc.

Intensive Past-Paper Class


These classes purely focus on going through as many examination past papers as possible. Assuming knowledge on theory, tutors at Academia Tutors will present methodoligies and problem-solving techniques. Sometimes, although solutions might be available (mark schemes), reaching solutions can be difficult.


Specially useful to GCSE and A-Level students, the past-paper solving classes will really help get some real exam experience once you have completed a section in the book.

Currently, we offer such classes for mathematics and physics subjects on group basis. The class fees are VERY AFFORDABLE.

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